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~Tuesday 22nd of June 2021~

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UkuClubs is the place to be to find ukulele related clubs or add your own ukulele club to the database. How? Click on your continent and then a country or a state to see all the UkuClubs in that location. Gain inspiration from other players and have lots of fun playing together. Ukulele brings people together and UkuClubs wants to help! Do you have a local ukulele club and want to add it? Submit it today to the UkuClubs database!

Havenstreet Ukulele group (England)

Small, but very keen, community ukulele group. Started playing around 3 years ago. Albeit amateur, we have quite a repertoire of songs and we have played at many local gigs.


Gladstone Ukulele Group (Queensland)

Small group (35-40) ukulele players of all levels. Meet twice a week. Monday nights (6.30 PM) Wednesday mornings (10 am) beginners classes Monday afternoon from 4 PM to 6 PM. Always looking for new users. Have been around since 2014.

Cape Cod Ukulele Club (Massachusetts)

Ukulele Players, Baritone, Banjo or C tuning are welcome to join us. Since Covid 19, we Zoom Jam on Sunday Nights at 7pm Eastern.
Back in the day when we could be together, we practiced in the Upper and Lower Cape areas once a week, and had 4-5 shows every month.

TBUG. Trearrdur Bay Ukulele Group (Wales)

We’re the best ukulele group on Anglesey [North Wales] playing all sorts of music – only for fun. We’re all about people, music and helping everyone and anyone to have fun with a Ukulele or Banjolele.

Sandy Ukulele Group, (England)

Sandy Ukulele Group, Sandy Bedfordshire. England.
We meet every Friday night at the Baptist Chapel Hall, Bedford Road, Sandy Bedfordshire 7pm till 9pm
Everybody welcome.

Great Big Ukes (Victoria)

We teach ukulele. We host uke groups and workshops. We love it when people get together to make music and do all we can to make that possible.
We teach beginners the basics of this lovely little instrument. A bit of learning will give you hundreds of hours of joy.

Ukulele Players Bangladesh (Asia)

This is a group for ukulele players from Bangladesh. You guys already know, how amazing its sounds when a ukulele is played. This group is for sharing and communicating with ukulele players and making our community better.

Ukulelenclub Konstanz e. V. (Germany)

Founded 2012, registered 2013, our club is a platform for local ukulele players of all levels. Situated in Constance at the Lake Constance shared by Germany, Switzerland & Austria. We host regular sessions and (each odd year) a Lake-a-Lele festival.

Fresno, CA Music Lovers! (California)

This group is for those who love music & are in the Fresno California area. (Preferably Fresno Christian Students because I am one also). We can meet anytime Mon.-Fri. from 10-5 pm. I would love to help y’all with anything!

Wilson Ukulele Club (North Carolina)

This group of all levels of talent meets every Tuesday at Wilson County Senior Center at 1808 Goldsboro St S, Wilson, NC 27893. We are united by a love of making music, we share lessons, tips, encouragement and friendship.

Cooloola Coast Ukulele Group (Queensland) (Queensland)

We meet every Tuesday afternoon at Cooloola Cove Qld and play music / learn new songs / rehearse for upcoming gigs and generally have fun. Instructor :- Marilyn Russell