~Monday 15th of October 2018~

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Viva La Ukulele

Welcome to UkuClubs! The place to be to find ukulele related clubs and add your own ukulele club to the database. Simply click on a continent, then a country or a state (not for Asia) to see all the UkuClubs in that location! UkuClubs is just starting out and aims to become the most easily accessible ukulele clubs database online with a very good overview of all the ukulele clubs in the world. Gain inspiration from other players and enrich your knowledge as well as have lots of fun playing together. Ukulele brings people together and UkuClubs wants to help!

Is your favorite ukulele club missing?! Simply fill in the form below to add it. It will not immediately show up on the website as I verify the information of each ukulele club myself. This to prevent spam and abuse of this form. You can make sure that your ukulele club will be added to the site as quickly as possible if the information is legitimate.

Although not required, it is highly recommended that you add at least one link (website, facebook, twitter, contact). Otherwise people will have much difficulties finding the UkuClub. Adding an image can also greatly improve the visibility of the ukulele club. Square images with a dimension of 600 by 600 pixels are preferred (must be below 200 KB). A validation message will appear at the top if your request was successful.

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